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Career Planning and Development 2 (1 cr)

Code: LTL6022-3004

General information


01.04.2022 - 30.04.2022


29.08.2022 - 16.12.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

1 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching


Wärtsilä Campus Karjalankatu 3

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


20 - 50

Degree programmes

  • Degree Programme in Business Economics


  • Laura Heiskanen
  • Sanna Turunen

Teacher in charge

Laura Heiskanen


  • LLAS21
    BBA, Business Economics, Blended learning, Fall, 2021


- are able to follow the best professional practice and observe the codes and principles of your field in your studies and during practical training both in Finland and abroad
- carefully plan your future career and make such decisions that enable you to achieve your professional and career objectives
- understand the importance of good health and wellbeing and take responsibility for your studying ability and coping with studies by developing your time and life management and learning skills
- are able to tolerate uncertainty and ambiguity that relates to studies and the future
- are able to self-assess and set objectives for your own development in the development discussions (appraisals).


Field-specific information, guest lectures and company visits. Group work and assignments relating to professional practice and the international environment. Information on student mobility. Generic and field-specific principles and codes of professional practice in Finland and abroad. Development discussions and updating of the individual study plan (ISP).

Location and time

autumn semester 2022


Material to be distributed during the course

Teaching methods

Participation in classes according to your own group's schedule, both independent and group work.

Theme: Working life and internationality

Learning outcomes:

- The student is able to act in accordance with general and personal work practices in school and during internships both in Finland and abroad
- The student plans his / her own future in working life and is able to make choices to achieve his / her own professional and career goals
- The student understands the importance of study well-being and is able to take into account factors that affect the ability to study and cope, such as
strengthening study skills, time management and life management
- The student is able
to tolerate the choices and future uncertainties related to studies

Essential content:

- Planning your own study / career path and choosing options for studies of complementary skills
- Updating your personal study plan (hops)
- Tradenom's working life skills and competence requirements
- Carrying out a company visit
- Information and exercises related to working life and internationality

Student workload

1 cr is about 27 student working hours

Assessment criteria, approved/failed

- Active participation in the lessons of the course
- Carrying out learning tasks according to the assignment
- Returning learning assignments on schedule

- The student does not participate in teaching
- The learning tasks have not been prepared in accordance with the assignment
- Late / non-return of learning assignments

Evaluation scale