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German 3 (5 cr)

Code: LTB6022-3002

General information


19.08.2022 - 28.08.2022


08.09.2022 - 16.12.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching


Wärtsilä Campus Karjalankatu 3

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


20 - 40

Degree programmes

  • Degree Programme in International Business
  • Degree Programme in Business Economics


  • Kaija Sankila

Teacher in charge

Kaija Sankila


  • LBNS21
    Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business, Fall, 2021
  • IINS21
    Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Management, Full-time Studies, Fall, 2021


The aim of the course is to develop professional language skills from level A2 onwards. On completion of the course, you will be able to use German in general oral and written communication situations in working life, using available resources. You will learn the vocabulary of their profession in order to cope with different communication situations in the workplace in accordance with the German working and communication culture.


- Education
- Studying, work and leisure
- Job search process
- Small talk
- Expressing opinions
- Customer contacts (e-mail, phone)
- Basic information about the company
- Company presentation

Student workload

Contact lessons 40h., assignments 50 h, independent self study 35 h.

Evaluation scale