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Preparatory Course for Completing the National Certificate of Language Proficiency in Finnish (5 cr)

Code: KP10037-3001

General information


01.10.2022 - 13.01.2023


16.01.2023 - 07.05.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


10 - 50

Degree programmes

  • Degree Programme in International Business
  • Degree Programme in Industrial Management


  • Johanna Järveläinen
  • Kaisa Peuhkurinen

Teacher in charge

Kaisa Peuhkurinen

Scheduling groups

  • Pienryhmä (schedulingGroup) 1 (Size: 10. Open UAS: 10.)
  • Pienryhmä (schedulingGroup) 2 (Size: 0. Open UAS: 0.)


  • KAKK23
    Karelia, Open UAS, All, Spring, 2023
  • LBNS21
    Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business, Fall, 2021
  • TOP22_23
    Other Complimentary Studies Group Semester 2022-2023
  • IINS21
    Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Management, Full-time Studies, Fall, 2021

Small groups

  • Pienryhmä (schedulingGroup) 1
  • Pienryhmä (schedulingGroup) 2


The course prepares the student for the YKI test. The student will know the structure and the answering technique of the YKI test. The student will be able to:
- find main ideas and key details in speech and text dealing with recurring themes at school, work or leisure
- communicate in the most common everyday situations and in informal conversations.
- use a fairly wide range of everyday vocabulary and some common phrases.
- use a variety of structures and write clear and coherent texts that follow the conventions of the genre.


The course includes:
- reacting in everyday communication situations
- reading and writing a variety of texts at B1 level
- grammar at B1 level: e.g. plurals, tenses, sentence types, object, rections, conjunctions

Evaluation scale