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Let's have a cuppa! Finnish Language Cafe 1 (2 cr)

Code: KP10021-3002

General information


01.10.2022 - 22.01.2023


30.01.2023 - 05.05.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

2 op

Virtual portion

2 op

Mode of delivery

Distance learning


Open UAS


Wärtsilä Campus Karjalankatu 3

Teaching languages

  • Finnish
  • English


15 - 20

Degree programmes

  • Complementary Studies


  • Johanna Järveläinen
  • Kaisa Peuhkurinen

Teacher in charge

Kaisa Peuhkurinen

Scheduling groups

  • Pienryhmä (schedulingGroup) 1 (Size: 15. Open UAS: 15.)


  • LBNS22
    Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business, Fall, 2022
  • KAKK23
    Karelia, Open UAS, All, Spring, 2023
  • TOP22_23
    Other Complimentary Studies Group Semester 2022-2023
  • IINS22
    Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Management, Full-time Studies, Fall, 2022

Small groups

  • Pienryhmä (schedulingGroup) 1


You understand the main contents of everyday discussions. You understand simple spoken language. You are able to participate in a simple conversation in Finnish. You can use everyday vocabulary and common phrases used in discussions.


- You participate in discussions on various topics, e.g. free time, Finnish food and public holidays.
- You get familiar with the materials and vocabulary given and study Finnish phrases.
- You do exercises and write short texts based on the topics of the discussions.

Location and time

online meetings on Thursdays 2.2. - 20.4. at 14.00 - 15.30

Teaching methods

You understand the main points of everyday conversations.
You understand easy and simply spoken language.
You can participate in the discussion in Finnish.
You know the phrases and vocabulary of a everyday conversation.

Discussion on different topics, for example:
- having coffee
- on a trip in nature
- free time
- Finnish food
- Finnish holidays
- studying
- chatting with friends.
Studying the materials and learning vocabulary and phrases.

Familiarise yourself with the material and vocabulary before the meeting. You participate in the discussions and do the assignments.

Assessment criteria, approved/failed

You attend all online meetings and do all the exercises and homework according to the instructions. You actively participate in the discussions.

Evaluation scale


Assessment criteria, fail (0)

You are absent without a reason. You don't do the exercises and don't participate in the discussions.