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English for Construction Engineering (3 cr)

Code: IR10019-3001

General information


29.07.2022 - 30.09.2022


22.08.2022 - 18.12.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

3 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching


Wärtsilä Campus Karjalankatu 3

Teaching languages

  • English


20 - 40

Degree programmes

  • Degree Programme in Construction Engineering


  • Johanna Nieminen

Teacher in charge

Liisa Sandvall


  • IRNS22
    Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction, Full-Time Studies, Fall, 2022


The student knows how to use technical language on a general level and knows the basic vocabulary in the field as well as understands the need for English in working life. The student knows how to tell about the studies and oneself in connection with job application process, can manage in everyday spoken situations and knows how to present a product, process or service in one's field. The student knows how to communicate appropriately in spoken and written customer service situations and can prepare and present spoken presentations and knows the basic principles of report writing as well as can read texts in one's field by using various aid e.g. dictionaries.


- telling about studies and oneself
- expressing opinions
- small talk
- communication style and register
- basic vocabulary: materials, shapes, measurements, units, products, services
- basic vocabulary in construction engineering: production and manufacturing, construction, housing, building types, spaces, tasks, site safety
- presentation skills
- customer service situations
- telephoning and e-mail
- job application process, documents and interview
- basics of intercultural communication
- basics of reporting

Teaching methods

In this course, you will learn how to talk about yourself and your studies, both verbally and in writing. You will also be able to express your opinion and master the principles of small talk.
You will also learn about different communication styles and registers. You will also learn about the tasks of a civil engineer and study basic construction vocabulary such as
materials, shapes, dimensions, units, product, services, manufacturing methods, housing vocabulary, building types and space designations.
During this course you will also learn presentation skills in English and learn telephone and email communication.
During the course you will go through the English language job application procedure, interview and documentation. You will also learn the basics of intercultural communication.

Evaluation scale


Assessment criteria, fail (0)

The student does not provide enough evidence for assessment.

The student's communication in English is deficient (in terms of content, style, vocabulary or grammar) in such a way that written or oral messages are not understood by the target audience.

The student's contribution to the development of his/her own communication skills is inadequate, for example due to absences and late returns. They also fail to take responsibility for their work in the group.

Assessment criteria, excellent (5)

Opiskelija osaa puhua moninaisista oman alan aiheista erinomaisesti. Puhe on tavoitteellista, erittäin johdonmukaista, osuvaa ja loogista. Siirtymät ovat erittäin sujuvia. Vuorovaikutus on erittäin taitavaa, nonverbaalinen viestintä tukee tehokkaasti puhetta. Kieli (puhe, ääntäminen ja intonaatio) on sujuvaa, selkeää, täsmällistä ja normaalitempoista.